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Entry #3

I'm a tired and 'busy' lad

1/29/13 by Micahman5000
Updated 1/29/13

Hello dear reader,
I realize I haven't posted anything on this little main page since my account's conception, and that seems pretty dumb. That post is generally useless, i've been on here for a long time, and post a ton of my music here... So I'm going to supplement that post's former position with new, needlessly articulated ramblings pertaining to my more present state of interaction with this website, and its community. GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS! I am a music man! I am working on various exciting projects at the moment. New music written, recorded and performed by myself, and coming soon... my first real go at starting a band with a couple of insanely talented and dedicated musician friends of mine. As one who visits my page or listens to my material, these things will be made available to you for science- testing your psychological and physiological reactions to the sounds I'm creating if you choose to make yourself a willing participant in this process. I like to observe different reactions to the same material, as I often observe and schematically construct (and reconstruct) my own variety of reactions to the music I create (retroactively, of course, as my intentions when creating aren't quite as ambiguous), and the music I consume.

Check out my latest song, Melting Black Stars right hurr on newgrounds:


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